Saturday, February 6, 2016

Gender Reveal!

 Is Baby Hatch #3 a BOY or a GIRL????

Every asked me what I thought the gender of the baby was. Since I had been pregnant with both a boy and a girl before everyone figured there was a big difference in pregnancies with different genders. But this pregnancy has been so much different then my first two. My first two were actually very similar, and this one is just completely throwing me off! 

When I was pregnant with Titan I was convinced I was having a girl, wrong. When I was pregnant with Laikynn I was convinced I was having a boy, wrong. With this baby (because I had been SO sick) I figured it was a girl... WRONG!! 


Devan and Titan thought it was a boy, while Laikynn and I thought it was a girl! 
We are all SO excited!! (Laikynn was a little bummed!)

Laikynn was a little sad that she wasn't getting a little sister. But she is slowly coming around and excited for another brother! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Baby #3!

 My last post was about my NPC Show, then I kinda disappeared! So let's rewind a bit, because everyone was a little bit shocked that I competed while pregnant. (I honestly had no idea I was expecting when stepping on stage.) About a year after I had Laikynn, I competed in my first NPC Show. I placed well and absolutely loved it! I wanted to compete again but I had other priorities. Devan and I really wanted to add another member to our family so I decided to take a break with shows so I could keep my body at a healthy Body Fat % and really focus on getting pregnant. After about a year of trying we decided to see a doctor, I had gotten pregnant so easily in the past that I couldn't figure out why we were having trouble. My OBGYN recommend I start taking Clomid to see if that would help us. After 6 months and still no confirmed pregnancy we decided to see a fertility doctor. The fertility doctor ran test on both Devan and I. My test all came back normal and Devan's showed some slight concerns but he felt as though we should still be able to get pregnant so he put me back on Clomid and we tried IUI. After a year of working with the doctors I started to get really discouraged and it made me really sad to think about the fact I might not get pregnant again. I felt like I was stressing over it too much and I needed something to take my mind off of it. So I decided to train for another show. I competed in March 2015 then decided to head to Nationals in July. After not placing where I wanted to in July, I signed up to compete in Miami in November. Devan and I agreed after the November Show we would start trying again, giving the IUI one more attempt then looking into our options with In Vitro (IVF).

A few weeks leading up to the November Show I was VERY emotional, more so than any other show. Devan couldn't figure out why & I just figured it was because of low carbs. I also didn't have a period, but I had been seeing a doctor throughout training to make sure I was doing everything as healthy as possible and she said there was a chance my periods would stop because of low body fat. So when I didn't have a period, I wasn't too concerned. Looking back on it, it makes way more sense (ha)! After the show was over I started to get sick, I figured that it was because I wasn't eating clean anymore and my body was not okay with it. (All of my pregnancy systems could somehow relate to something with the show.) After about a week of being sick I completely switched back to my prep diet. Two days into eating clean, I was still sick! I remember sitting on my bed thinking "What is wrong with me?? I haven't had this sick feeling since I was pregnant last......" Wait a second... I ran to the bathroom right then and took a pregnancy test. I used to take at least two pregnancy tests a month when we were actively trying that it made me a little bit sad to even get my hopes up that this MIGHT be it. It happened to be our 5 year Anniversary and Devan was in the other room about to open his presents. I quickly saw the positive on the stick and ran out to get Devan. I made him open all his gifts extremely fast. He even questioned why I was rushing him so much! After they were all opened I told him I had ONE more present and I pulled out the test! We were both overjoyed!!!! I don't think this pregnancy could have come at a more perfect time for us!

I had no idea how far along I was and the doctor couldn't see me for a few weeks so we went to Fetal Foto to get a confirmed pregnancy. They gave me a due date of June 24th. But about 3 weeks later when we got into my doctor he gave us new due date of July 27th!

I think I will appreciate this pregnancy just a little more because of how long we had to wait! We literally couldn't be more excited to welcome a new little bundle of joy to the Hatch Family!