Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Birthday Girl.

Laikynn was on cloud nine this year for her birthday. She absolutely LOVES every Disney Princess so I knew she would love it if one of her favorite princesses came to her party. It was a tough decision for her to decide which princess to invite but she finally decided on Rapunzel! She invited over some of her friends and they played all afternoon! Nothing makes me happier then seeing my kiddies that happy! It makes all the stress of planning the party totally worth it! 

We surprised to with a Range Rover too! I figured we always have matching outfits, so we might as well have matching cars!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


We departed for our trip at midnight! Devan thought it would be a good idea to take the red eye flight because he thought the kids would just sleep the whole time. I was super nervous for the flight because I knew if the kids didn't sleep it was going to be a very long flight!

Luckily, the kids did great! They both slept the whole 5 hour flight. Laikynn actually stayed asleep as we got off the plane, transferred to the rental car, during breakfast AND the whole hour drive to the cruise. So we couldn't have planned that better!

The boat was unreal! Everything on the boat is all about the kids. So of course they had an absolute blast on the boat! They had all of their favorite characters everywhere! We couldn't have picked a better time to go because Laikynn is currently obsessed with Disney Princesses. She was in absolute heaven every time she say a princess. Titan found a few characters that he liked but as he put when a employee asked him which character was his favorite, "Do you want to know my real favorite character? It's a transformer." Haha, we couldn't stop laughing! Titan loves the super heroes a little more than the disney ones, but he still loved it!

We had one formal night on the cruise. It's always fun to have a reason to dress up!

Laikynn got to have a tea party with the princesses on board. She loved being able to hang out with them for the afternoon!

One of the best parts about cruises, the ice cream cones!!

There was also a 'Pirate Night' on the boat! Titan loved being able to dress up and have something themed other than princesses, ha! 

The kids swam all day long on the boat! They had water slides, splash pads and pools.. aka non-stop fun!

Our first stop was St Marrten. Devan and I had been there before on our last cruise so we knew of some fun places to go to take the kids. We went to airport beach first. Airport beach is a beach that is literally right next to the airport. It is so close that when the planes take off it can knock you over! We were only on the beach for the smaller planes so that the kids could watch them take off and land. The beach was pretty steep and the waves were pretty intense so we didn't end up staying on the this beach for too long. 

The next stop was Puerto Rico! We have never been there so we were super excited to see what it was all about! There was tons of animals everywhere, so the kids had a blast being able to hold them.

We hiked (not a real hike, but Puerto Rico is straight up hill from the boat so it was quite the workout pushing a stroller) up to the ruins. Or as Laikynn liked to call it, her Princess Castle. It was SO hot there that we didn't stay much longer than an hour walking around the ruins.

We did a little shopping, ate some local tacos and got some delicious smoothies! 

 Our last stop was Castaway Cay. I heard amazing things about Castaway Cay so I was most excited about this stop. Castaway Cay is Disney's Private Island. It was very small but one of the prettiest places I have ever been. The water was crystal clear & the beaches were white sand. The kids had so much fun just playing in the sand all day. There was even a water slide out in the ocean that we went on! The water was a little chilly so we only went down once!

If you are thinking of booking a Disney Cruise, I highly recommend it. The children were in heaven with non-stop fun for the entire week! I can't wait to go back again one day!