Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Fun

 Here are some random photos from this Fall that are too cute not to post!

Pumpkin Patch!

This photo was taken at the perfect moment. Gotta love having an older brother to give you that extra little push at the top of the slide... or pulling you down head first!

Lagoon Amusement Park!


 All my life I was really never for or against getting a tattoo. I just knew if I ever got one I wanted it to really mean something to me. When Devan and I were dating 'our thing' was always the word IMMER, meaning Forever in German. Engraved on the inside of my wedding ring is the word Immer & on the inside of Devan's ring is the meaning of the word.

I came across a tattoo on Pinterest with an infinity sign with a word written in it. I fell in love with the idea and knew I wanted that tattoo. To my surprise when I told Devan he loved the idea as well. So yes, we are one of those couples with matching tattoos & I love it!

"Don't be afraid to do something because you're scared what people will think. People will judge you no matter what."

Katy Perry Concert

 I LOVE Katy Perry! She is by far, one of my favorites! So when I found out she was coming to Utah I knew I had to get tickets. Sadly the tickets sold out during pre-sale so I didn't think I would have the chance to go. Luckily we scored some tickets last minute.. in the pit!! We were literally inches away from Katy Perry! She put on one of the bets concerts I have been to! Tons of props, outfit changes, the dancing.. it was amazing!! If she is coming to your city, I highly recommend going!!

Camping in Idaho!

 We took a little trip up to Idaho to ride in the Sand Dunes. Normally when we go to the Sand Dunes we don't bring the kiddies because Devan gets really nervous putting them in the side by side. But we knew they would love it so we brought them along and just drove on the safe side. Titan LOVED riding and always wanted to go faster! Laikynn was very unsure of it on the first ride! Once I moved to the back seat and sat by her she was totally fine and didn't mind riding along!

It was FREEZING! We got rained out the first day and almost decided to leave but the weather finally cleared up enough for some fun!

These two love sleeping in an RV which was a whole new, fun experience for them!

Soccer Star

 Titan is on his second year of soccer and totally loving it!! His team is The Hornets and they are doing awesome (although, no score is kept at this age). He is finally getting a good feel for the game and gets a lot more ball time! We are so proud of him!!

Meet Kona

Meet our new little puppy Kona, aka Latte's new boyfriend. For some reason when we started naming our dogs we went with a coffee theme and it has since stuck with all of our dogs.. (Mocha, Latte, Kona) We decided long ago that we wanted to breed Yorkies so since Latte is finally getting older we decided to get this cute pup so we can breed them in a year or so! The kids are in LOVE!! The poor pup hardly ever gets any alone time because they just want to sit and hold him all day long! Latte was a little unsure of the puppy at first but after a few days they became best buddies!

Dirty Dash

 A few weeks ago, some friends and I headed up to Heber to run in the Dirty Dash! The whole time I thought this run was a 5K, only to get up to the starting line to realize it was actually a 10K! We had so much fun with it though!