Monday, March 17, 2014

Potty Trained before 2!

 Guess who is potty trained??

This little girl was showed sign left and right that she was ready to go on the potty! The biggest sign was she would NOT keep a diaper on, so rather than fighting her to keep it on we switched her to big girl undies! I read the book Potty Training in 3 days and used that Method, found HERE! This is where you pretty much go cold turkey on the diapers and switch to undies.

The first day, I don't think we made it to the potty once! But we stuck to it despite all the accidents and each day she would get better about telling us she needed to go and actually making it to the bathroom on time.

so WAHOO for no more diapers!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blogging Catch Up

 I have been slacking at blogging lately. I think it is mostly because I forget to take my camera places with us, therefore, I only have camera phone quality pictures. Not as fun as blogging with one random camera phone picture, but how can I resist some of these pictures of these darling kiddies!!

For my 23rd birthday (back at the end of January) we went up to Mid-way to the Ice Castles. These Ice Castles were AMAZING! Everything was made of ice and you were able to walk around inside. There were even ice slides for the kids. It was cold but we loved it!

We have also been able to go to three different events at the Energy Solutions Arena! The first one was Nitro Circus. Titan was in LOVE! He is your typical boy and loves motorcycles and watching them do fun tricks along with all the other fun stunts they pull!

Next we went to the Monster Truck Jams. We took Titan to this event about two years ago and he has been obsessed with monster trucks ever since! Laikynn just loves everything Titan loves, so she had a blast as well!

Then most recently, Tonight we went to Disney on Ice, Rocking Ever After! Laikynn loved the Tangled part of the show (Tangled and Bubble Guppies are the only things she will sit and watch for more than 2 minutes)! I think I loved it just as much as the kids did, brings you back down memory lane listening to Disney Songs you grew up on!

Rewind to the Super Bowl, we sadly had to watch the Broncos lose. :( But we still had a blast watching it with good friends!

 Cousin Sleep over!!

Aspen and Titan playing one of their Favorite games!

We took Titan to The Dinosaur Expo, which was Heaven on earth to him!

 Work wise things are going great! It's so nice to have the Holidays over and not be so crazy busy!! My business partner on BB Styled, Pualei, and I went down to Vegas for a few days to the Magic Show! I loved every second of it! It truly is such a blessing to be able to do what I love for work!

Both of our husbands flew down the last two days we were there.

I recently partnered with my brother in law, Trent, on a new clothing company called LIVIN. Trent actually started the company awhile back but we are going to do a re-launch on it and see where it goes. I am really excited for it to finally launch! There is such cute stuff coming!

And here are a few random cute photos to end on :)

 Seriously though? What a good big brother!

It was her blankets turn to get washed! Poor baby girl LOVES that thing!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


 For Valentine's Day this year we decided to take a trip instead of giving each other presents, this was one of the best ideas we have come up with.

We decided on the Bahamas! We have actually been there before for one of our cruise stops. We had so much fun the last time that we decided to go again and this time stay for a week.

The week flew by way too fast but we were able to do tons of fun stuff included diving 30 ft under water in a tank filled with 22 SHARKS!! Yes, SHARKS!! They were longer than me!! I was seriously SO scared but Devan convinced me that since we swam with the dolphins last time we were there we had to swim with the sharks this time. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (I thought I was going to get eaten alive). We also rented one of those floaty bike things, went to the water park, gambled, danced, laid out by the pool/beach, took and scooter into town and fun enjoyed being together!

We brought the Go Pro on the trip so we were so busy filming videos that we forgot to take pictures :( so there is way more video then pictures. We edited and threw it took a song so if you want to check out the video from the trip

On the way back we decided to make a quick stop in New York! Neither of us had been there before so we spent the day site seeing and shopping!

In the end it was such an amazing trip! If I wasn't coming home to two of the cutest kids ever I could have probably stayed there forever!!

Valentine's Day!

 Happy Valentine's Day from these little cuties!!
They are getting WAY too big!