Thursday, June 23, 2016


A couple weeks ago we went to Moab for Rally on the Rocks, which is an event for side by sides. Devan's Razor is literally his baby and he wants to ride it every chance he can so we planned the trip like 2 months in advance! I had never been to Moab so I didn't really know what to expect! Devan said it was pretty much giant rocks everywhere that you slowly climb in your machine and that the baby and I would be totally safe in the Razor if we came.

Moab is seriously SO beautiful! And the trip was so much fun! We had a big group go down with us and we all rented RV's and camped out.

Laikynn had a dance recital the exact same weekend as Rally on the Rocks. Although, I knew about both of the events well in advance I didn't put 2 and 2 together until about a week before. I really wanted to go with Devan out to Moab because I had never been but I knew I couldn't miss Laikynn's FIRST Dance recital. I literally went back and forth about what to do for days! The biggest problem was that they had a practice in the morning at 8am that she had to be there for, which meant I had to leave Moab at 4am to be there to get her all ready to go (3 hour drive). We left to Moab without really even knowing the plan, I was like 90% sure I was going to drive back but I wanted to see how the drive was.
Friday we rode around all day on the mild trails, there was a lot more bumps then I had expected which wasn't very comfortable on the bladder of a pregnant girl. Devan drove over everything super slow to try to make it more comfortable but it just wasn't happening. So I when I decided to leave early Saturday morning to go to the recital it was actually a really good decision because it gave Devan the chance to go on some other trials that he wouldn't have been able to go on with me because of the bumps & the fact that you are like driving straight up a cliff, not safe at all for baby!

I made it back just in time to get Laikynn all dressed up for practice and her pictures! We got to hang out all day, then we went back that evening for the final recital! The drive was totally worth it after watching her come out on stage looking for a familiar face, only to get a huge smile when she saw me! The recital was for the entire dance company so there were hundreds of people in the audience! She did so good and didn't even get nervous despite all eyes watching!

 After the recital I drove back out to Moab because I really wanted to do some hiking! (Total of 12 hours in the car that weekend, ha!) So Sunday we spent the day hiking instead of riding! Moab was so pretty and I finally got to see Delicate Arch!

Disneyland 2016

Devan woke up one morning completely exhausted from work! Summer is his busy season and that guy doesn't know when to stop some days! He told me he was in need of a vacation (we were supposed to be in Turks & Caicos at the time). I told him we should pack up and leave to Disneyland the next weekend for Titan's Birthday/Mother's Day. He told me that wasn't a bad idea and left for work.

A few hours later he called me from work and asked if I wanted to leave the next day for Disneyland! I, of course, wanted to so he started working out details to see if we could really make it out there the next day. He came home from work and we found a flight that left the next morning at 7am, but most of the hotels were booked. We ended up looking on (if you don't know of this site check it out) and found a house to rent but the owners had 24 hours to confirm the reservation.. So technically we left for California without even having a place to stay for sure, ha!

We started packing that night once the kids went to bed and decided to wake them up the next morning at 5am to surprise them with Disneyland!!

Once we got to California we had no where to go because we didn't have our reservation confirmed yet, so we went straight to Disneyland on like 3 hours of sleep!! The kids actually did really well considering they too didn't have a full nights sleep! Laikynn did end up taking like an hour nap in the stroller which was perfect for this pregnant mama because it gave me a good excuse to just sit on a bench in the shade while she slept and Devan and Titan went on the big rides we couldn't do.

Disneyland is so much work for parents, but nothing beats seeing how happy it makes kids! I just love going to Disneyland with them!

Titan is officially tall enough for every ride at Disneyland! He has been wanting to go on California Screamer since he was like 3 (little dare devil) and this year he was finally tall enough! Him and Devan ended up riding it a few times because it is now his favorite ride at the park!

Laikynn was tall enough for Tower of Terror this year! I told Devan to just have her wait with me because I thought she would be too scared but she wanted to go with the boys! She ended up loving it! And whenever you talk to her about Disneyland that is all she talks about, ha!

Birthday Boy (a week early)! I can't believe he is 7 now!!

Most people would assume we got these scooters because I am pregnant and Disneyland is a lot of walking, which is true, but we actually get them every time we go! They are slightly more to rent than a stroller and totally worth every penny! It's like a ride in between the rides for the kids! You can get from one side of California Adventure all the way over to Disneyland in like 5 minutes!

The first year we took Titan to Disneyland we were taking his picture here when a lady came up to us and told us that she took a photo of her son there every year over the years starting at about the same age as Titan (now her son was like 16) and it was fun to see him grow over the years! Since then we started the same little tradition with Titan!

After 2 days at Disneyland (that is are max, ha) we went to the beach for the day. I wish I could say the beach was more relaxing for me then Disneyland but I am a nervous wreck at the beach with kids! The waves make me so nervous with the kids playing in them that I can just sit back and relax! The kids however, love every second of playing in the water and sand!

We did finally get our rental house confirmation and stayed in a sweet house just outside the park! It had a pool and the kids were in heaven swimming all day!

Until next year Disney!
(I will have 3 kids with me next time!! CRAZY!)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Catch Up Blog Post.

As hard as I try to keep the blog up to date, I seem to not do so well at it. So here is another catch-up post!

The kids and I went to the zoo with Grandma, Aunt Whitni & Cousins!

Laikynn is still in Tumbling and Dance! She loves both but prefers tumbling, mainly because she hates practicing her splits (HA)!

Titan just finished up Soccer! He is becoming such a good player and is really good at defense! He is also in Hip-Hop Dancing and Break Dancing! & we just signed him up for Football this Fall!

Every soccer game this season was cold and raining! Luckily Titan has some good supporters who came rain or shine!

Devan and I celebrated Valentine's Day in California at the Dunes!

We were able to make it to a few Jazz Games this Season too! The kids loved it for about the first half then they got a little bored with it.

Devan and I at a Masquerade Party for one of my friends birthdays!

Titan and Laikynn are doing so well in school. Laikynn is writing her name & she knows her letters with their sounds. She has a love for learning! Titan is finally picking up on reading better and has made such good progress this school year! He is growing up SO quick!! Every day I see him run off to school I just can't believe how old he looks! He loves to take his football to school everyday to play at recess with his friends.

Laikyn at Disney Frozen on Ice!

 Both kids are doing great in swimming! We were having the kids go 3 times week to get them all ready to go to Turks and Caicos but sadly we were unable to go! We were planning on going out there for a friends wedding and had everything booked since December! I went into my doctor about a month before the trip and asked him if he thought it was a good idea or not because of the Zika Virus. The Zika Virus wasn't actaully in Turks and Caicos when we were planning on going, but it was all over the Caribbean. He told me ABSOLUTELY NO and we knew it wasn't worth the risk. Luckily with a doctors note confirming I was pregnant we were able to get our money back from the resort and the airlines!

We said good-bye to this cute little pup back in February! This was the first puppy our dogs had had so it was hard to let him go!

Curiosity Museum with the kids... they couldn't hold still long enough for a photo. 

Movie Night!

Dinosaur Museum!

St Patrick's Day!

I got a new phone lately and although I backed everything up to my computer and the cloud before the switch somehow my recent photos didn't transfer over and I lost all the photos from the past month which included Titan's Birthday Party! Titan wanted to go to his favorite place, Hang Time, for his party. It is pretty much a giant warehouse full of trampolines and foam pits. He had an absolute BLAST!!

It's kind of cool seeing my photos pop up lately! This photo is in the Utah Vasa Gyms & on a billboard on the Freeway! I remember going to this shoot and being super sick, not knowing I was pregnant yet!

And I am now on a book cover which is super exciting!!

Those are our updates as of lately!

Easter Weekend at the Sand Dunes

Easter Weekend is one of the biggest weekends at the Sand Dunes here in Utah. Devan loves any chance he can get to ride his Razor so we decided to pack up the kids and go to the Dunes for the weekend. The Sand Dunes are only like an hour and a half away from us so it's a good 'mini vacation' for us!

I was a little nervous about the kids because I didn't know if they would like it or not. The last time we took them, Laikynn was scared to death of the Razor and Titan would just fall asleep every time he rode in it (how is that even possible, right??)

To my surprise they both LOVED it this time! They would take turns going on the the big rides with dad and I would hang out in the camper with the other one. Since I am pregnant I would get a little nauseous in it so I just sat out this weekend. We did trade Razors with Devan's brother for one ride so I could get out of the camper for a bit. He had a 4 seater so we were all able to ride. I smiled the entire time as the kids just laughed and laughed the whole ride because it was tickling their bellies!!

We also decided to get Titan a little Razor of his own! He never wanted to get out of this thing! He just rode around in circles in the camp the entire weekend!

We also have a little 4-wheeler and motorcycle that we took down with us and they had a blast riding them all day!

Since it was Easter we had the kids decorate Easter Eggs on Saturday night. Then Sunday morning they got to find their eggs and baskets in the camper! It was a fun way to do Easter!