Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Catching up (AGAIN)

Is it already half way through summer?? Our summer is flying by and I am just trying to keep up!! I have been slacking at blogging on here lately so this will be a random catch up post so these cute pictures and memories don't get forgotten.

Devan is SUPER busy with work right now. Spring, Summer and Fall are his busy seasons then it gets very slow in the winter. He has refocused his company to more ground work with excavation and is not really building as much. So when the ground freezes here in Utah he can't really work much. The housing market right now is CRAZY!! He literally can not keep up. Which is good and bad.. Love that he is such a hard worker but we miss him when he works tons! So I can't wait till work slows down a bit! 

My work is the opposite. Holidays are my busy seasons and summer aren't too bad! I am trying to only have to work 2-3 days a week and it has been so nice spending my days with the little ones. Although Titan is entering the stage of life where he would rather hang out with his friends then me, which he does almost daily.
There is so many fun parades and carnivals in the summer that we try to hit most of them. The kids love every second of it!

Titan lost his first tooth!! WHAT? When did he get so big?? Then about two weeks later he lost his second one! 

Between swimming lessons, the local pool and the lake, the kids go swimming just about EVERY day!

Titan was completely terrified of going under water last year and Laikynn had barley any experience in the water. I had tried swimming lessons at our local pool last year with Titan, all we really wanted to accomplish in the swimming lessons was getting him to go under water. Well he took it for two weeks and not once did they make him go under the water! I knew I had to find somewhere different if we were going to get over this fear. So we decided on Survival Swimming Lessons. It is a private swimming lesson for 20 minutes a day and they work on survival swimming. ( Have you seen the youtube video of the little 1 year old falling in the pool then floating to his back? Like that!) Titan was able to pass off his 60 second back float within a few days and he quickly got over any fears he had of the water! Laikynn took about a week and a half to get her 60 second back float but she got it! It literally amazes me to watch Laikynn in the water! At 2 years old she can dive (yes, dive) into the water, come up into a back float, back stroke to the side of the pool and pull herself out. I still watch her like a hawk at the pool but I love knowing that if something were to happen she would be okay! If you are in Utah County, send me an email and I can get you the swimming lesson info! It is amazing!!

Sprinklers under the tramp!

We also got a boat!! Both Devan and I had boats growing up, so many of our childhood memories were on a boat. We wanted to make those same memories with our kids! They LOVE it so far! Titan is learning to water ski and loves tubing! 

Along with swimming lessons, Titan is also in Karate and Tee ball ( I seriously don't know what I am going to do with more than one kid in activities, I already feel like a taxi driver with one!! ) Tee ball actually just finished up and Titan was SO excited to get his medal! He loved playing Tee Ball! 

We also had our annual firework derby! Sadly, Devan and Titan didn't win first place. Titan did win 'Best in Show' though! 

The Firework Derby is something Devan and his friends made up. They attach a bunch of fireworks to something with wheels (car, skateboard, ect..) then see who can go the farthest! 

I got to plan Matti's Bachelorette Party! We took a limo up to Salt Lake and had sushi!

(Side note, do NOT use LX Limo Services in Salt Lake! SO many hidden fees, I had to pay about double what I was quoted!!)

I don't think I blogged Titan's birthday either! This little man turned 5!! He had a spiderman birthday party at Jump On It with all of his friends! It was a blast!

Random sleeping pictures that make me smile!

Laikynn meet Tangled, her absolute FAVORITE princess! (yes, we call her Tangled not Rapunzel ha)

Love, love, love both of these pictures!!

Until next time, MUAH!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Matti is MARRIED!

 My little sister, Mattisyn, is finally married! Matti and Braden have been high school sweethearts since day one and they finally decided to tie the knot! We couldn't be any more happy for them!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful! 

Titan got a special job of holding this cute sign right before Matti walked down the aisle. Titan is a super shy kid so we were a little nervous if we would actually walk down the aisle with all the people there but he did great!

Even if the sign was super heavy! 

Braden is a fire fighter so they figured the best way to exit was on the back of the fire truck! Loved this idea!!


My older sister, Whitni, had my little niece the day before Matti's wedding so unfortunately she was not able to attend so Devan and I recorded some clips at the wedding with the Go Pro so she could see how beautiful it was. (we are professional or anything, but at least she was able to see everything!) HERE is where you can watch that! :)