Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Fun!

Summer is flying by. It seems that is always how it goes though, right? We are keeping VERY busy! Devan's work is ridiculously busy right now! He has been working crazy hours lately. It is a blessing, but we sure do miss him when he works long days! My work is also pretty crazy! Throw in training for a National NPC Show and we are pretty much going crazy!

We somehow find time for fun still. The kids pretty much live in the water! They are always either on the boat, at the pool or in the sprinklers.

Summer consists of lots of friends!

& Carnivals! 

& Parades!

Titan has a super busy summer! He is currently in Baseball, Hip-Hop, Break Dancing (his favorite one by far) & has tutoring to keep him on track over the summer.

Little Miss Laikynn started Dance and Tumbling! She loves tumbling the most but has a blast at both of them.

& Here is a super cute pic from Father's Day! :)

Monday, June 8, 2015


Growing up we didn't take very many vacations. If we did it was still in the state of Utah. My mom was a single mom, and although she would have loved to take us somewhere there just wasn't extra money lying around to go on vacation. My mom loves her little grand-kids more than anything and does so much for them that we thought it would be fun to surprise her with Disneyland tickets. But why stop there, we got the whole fam tickets to Disneyland for Christmas so we could all go out there together! Any Grandma's absolute dream I would imagine!

We ended up being at Disneyland for the 60th Celebration. We had originally planned on going to Disneyland on a Wednesday and Thursday to avoid the crowds, but once we heard about the celebration we switched around our plans and went opening day!

Disneyland and California Adventures were absolutely CRAZY on Friday! We figured everyone would be there all day long and then leave to go home late at night but it was the complete opposite. The park wasn't really too busy during the day but once 7:00 rolled around there was SO many people! Both parks were at maximum capacity and they weren't allowing people in. (Which sucked because if you left either park you couldn't get back in, even with your park hopper.)

Day one of Disney was magical. (Yep, I just said that.) The kids had so much fun!

Disneyland was so much fun this year because Laikynn was tall enough for almost all the rides! She even braved it out and went on Splash Mountain and Lightening McQueen Racer!

Our annual picture at Downtown Disney.

We rented a house for the week that was within walking distance of Disneyland. It was fun all being in the same house! The house had a pool in the back so the kids basically swam every waking moment.

We also did a beach day! The water was SO cold but the kids didn't even care!

Disneyland can be a lot of work for mom & dad, but totally worth it to make these kiddies happy!! We had a blast spending time together!